Friday, May 27, 2011

Casi Porteña?

Evidence of my adaptation to this culture/language:
  • I can finally understand what my host mother's 4-year-old grandson is saying.  We even have conversations.
  • I went to a Spanglish Exchange [where Argentines and native-English speakers meet and chat in a setting very much like speed-dating] and 2 people there --one of whom was Argentine-- thought I was one of the Argentines :D  Granted, they only heard a very very small amount of my Spanish at the time they made this rash assumption; but hey, I've got the look?
  • I can skim my readings, if necessary. 
  • 30% of the students in my marketing class passed the midterm and I was one of them.  The teacher even went on to say to one of the Argentine students who didn't pass, "She writes better than you, and Spanish isn't even her first language"
  • During my midterm for Culturas Contemporaneas, I realized I really had not studied all of the right material and was semi-doomed to fail, so I threw caution to the wind and wrote a bunch of stuff/BS that only almost kinda answered the questions posed.  I left the exam downtrodden.  This week, I got my test back to discover that not only did I pass (4/10 is passing), but I got a 7 (approximately a B)!  If that doesn't show language skills, I don't know what does.   
  • I think I was one of three people to pass our Econ test.
  • Only when my momma came to visit and I was put in contrast with her Mexican Spanish did I realize that I do, in fact, now speak Spanish with a bit of an Argentine accent.  sexxxy

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