Monday, March 14, 2011

Bailar en los boliches

Even though I'm only 20 years old and have yet to experience real "nightlife" in the United States, I've already decided that I probably won't like it and will be very bored with it after living in Buenos Aires.  Classes start this week, which means for the past two weeks we have all been going out almost every night, waking up (sometimes) just in time to make it to the next day's scheduled orientation activities.  People (we Americans) don't go out until maybe 12, stay at the bar(s) for a few hours, then maybe head over to a boliche (disco/club) around 3-4ish and dance the night away until sunrise.  Back in the States, I don't think I'll enjoy places closing at 2am, and I will miss dancing in a mass of sweaty people to thundering basslines and seizure-inducing lights.  Le sigh...

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