Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Primeras impresiones

  1. It is hot here!
  2. I think I've been too anxious to be hungry (or maybe it's too hot to eat?) and so I'm probably slowly losing body mass, not to mention the regularity of my bowel movements.
  3. This isn't the best city for someone who is still a bit traumatized by that time she got hit by a car.  Traffic lights? Lanes? Someone crossing the street? aaah no son importantes.
  4. I don't understand how anyone made plans before cell phones and the Internet.  
  5. I no longer enjoy being able to speak English.
  6. The "cold" knob makes the water hot and the "hot" knob makes the water cold.
  7. But so far, I really like it here!
It feels very surreal being here and living here, but I'm excited to explore the city and get to know it well.  My host family consists of un madre, un padre, y una hermana who is 29.  They say my Spanish is very good (but maybe they're just being nice?) and we speak in Spanish todo el tiempo.  The other students in the program and I speak more English than Spanish when we're together, but hopefully that balance will shift after a while; transitioning back into Spanish-mode is not that easy just yet.  I have yet to acquire any Argentine amigos, but it's only been three days.  

Yesterday I had to interact with a three year old in Spanish.  MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than with someone older.  He's very cute, but hard to understand.  I feel like I'll be encountering many men (my own age, let's hope) como eso, jajaja.  

And now... check out the soap in public restrooms!!!  (hint: the dispenser on the right does nothing)
And yes, the way you use it is exactly how you think you use it...  :)

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