Sunday, April 24, 2011

The best 29 pesos I have spent so far

On Tuesday, I purchased the book, ¡Che Boludo! A gringo's guide to understanding the Argentines, and it is, hands down, amazing.  Aside from the obvious appeal of the book [i.e. learning that "mojar la chaucha" means "to get laid" and "tirame la goma" means "suck my dick"], the best part was having every member of my host family hysterically laughing as I asked them about these various phrases.  The next night, our neighbors came over for dinner and my host mother asked me to show them the book; it was a big hit again.  About 20 minutes later, our neighbor runs back upstairs to her apartment to bring me a present: a keychain with five different buttons that shout five different obscenities, such as "¡No rompa los huevos!" (roughly: "Don't break my balls!") and the notorious "¡Sos boludo!" ("You're an idiot!")  ["Boludo" is an interesting word.  It can either be an insult, like idiot or asshole, or it can just be a casual, friendly greeting.  Either way, you hear it every day here.]  So yes, I am now well-equipped to handle these Argentines and their bocas sucias.

The book also has very informative drawings of some common hand gestures used by the Argentines...

la concha = vagina

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