Monday, April 4, 2011

Mis Clases

     I suppose I should probably talk a little bit about my classes (the reason I'm in this country to begin with).  I have one regular Spanish class at my program center and 4 classes in La Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES).  It should be noted that this is a tad unusual and somewhat masochistic; most students in my program are taking only one, maybe two, classes at an Argentine university and the rest at our program center.  But if I wanted to get any credit towards my majors, this was my option --and I'm really not complaining.
     In my Econ class, I am one of 4 US students out of maybe 10 or 12 students total; in my Marketing class, I am one of 2 US students out of 15-20 students; and in my two Communications classes, I AM THE ONLY ESTADOUNIDENSE out of 15-25 students.  I don't mind too much; this can only increase my chances of making some porteño friends.  In fact, the most beautiful Argentine I've ever seen gave me her email address and told me to let her know if I ever have any questions about the class.  [Please be my best friend!!!!]
     I would say I understand about 85-90% of what's going on in the classes (more if I've avoided English all day).  Originally, I thought "Oh, well if I can't understand everything the teachers are saying, at least I'll be able to pick up the missing details from what they write on the board."  No es verdad.  The fact that every single one of my teachers has nearly illegible handwriting makes me question what they were doing in the third grade when we were all painfully learning how to perfect our cursive.  No judgement, just wondering.
     The biggest academic issues I'm having is 1) coercing myself to actually do all the assigned reading I have, and 2) upon reading, reading more than two pages in 30 minutes.  I do not yet have a large enough vocabulary to be able to skim in Spanish, not to mention my mind wanders --in English ... so it takes me a while.

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